Wireless Security

What is Wireless Security?

As you sit there looking at this website, are you connected to the internet using an ethernet cable or wi-fi? We think it is safe to assume you are connected to wi-fi, as is your phone, tablet, and TV. Your whole working, school, and personal life are being transmitted through wireless connections and if those connections are not secure, you will be in a lot of trouble. Wireless security is simply the protection of your information that is passed through wireless internet connections.

Wireless Threats

Below are a few of the many threats that could present themselves in the event of an unsecured wireless connection.

Evil twin attacks occur when a malicious adversary collects information on a public network access point and then impersonates it with their system. This means that when an unknowing user accesses the network, all of their data is being tracked and saved by the adversary.

Piggybacking is when your wireless network is unsecured, which allows for anyone within range to connect to your service. This would allow others to watch what you do on the internet, collect personal information, or conduct illegal actions.

Ensuring all networks you connect to use at least a WPA2 encryption will help prevent wireless sniffing, which occurs when public access points are not secured and allows other users to access sensitive information. If your connection is being transmitted “in the clear”, your information is in trouble.

What We will do About It

We will ensure you are taking the proper precautions to securing your information. We will implement the principle of least privilege, which means only providing the user permissions they need to complete their job. We can also install and configure firewalls and antivirus software to fit your computer and wireless needs.