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Penetration Testing

What is penetration testing?

Security Risk Assessments

Do I really need a Security Risk Assessment?

Vulnerability Management

Why is Vulnerability Management necessary?

What is Vulnerability Management and why is it necessary?


Vulnerability management is essentially the ability to identify, organize, report, and track all the vulnerabilities within a company. These vulnerabilities can be present in almost anything in a business' IT infrastructure whether that be it's hardware or software. The knowledge of and ability to manage these shortcomings gives businesses a few advantages compared to competitors. The primary reason is it allows the business to identify where cyber attacks may occur so that they may be proactive in looking for the proper updates and fixes tho these gaps in their systems. A secondary benefit to this however, is that certain organizations are starting to require that a companies vulnerabilities are reported and are being tracked. A great example of this would be those who wish to have there business fulfill government contracts, as the United States government is now beginning to focus on this requirement. 

How can Keyes Security help?

Keyes Security currently has a reporting system that it can offer to your business, that can track and notify you of any new changes that occur in vulnerabilities, compared to the current vulnerabilities being tracked in a custom built secure database that houses all of your current vulnerability information. Keyes is willing to sit down and discuss just exactly how you want this structured, what to expect, and what to look forward to in the future, as it is currently working to development a fully automated scanning and reporting system.