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What is penetration testing?

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 What is penetration testing?

Penetration Testing is a mock cyber-attack on your organizations IT infrastructure. Penetration tests help your business assess risk and get a good understanding of your current security posture. Our security experts tailor each penetration test to the specific needs and goals of your organization.

Penetration Testing Methods


We test with as much information from the client as possible. This is the least realistic option, so this method is for those who need a comprehensive, detailed look at their current security posture. White-Box testing works well for compliance and general understanding of your vulnerabilities.


We test your network Data such as Network Diagrams, Server Host-names and logins are optional. You may give us one or two servers, but the rest must be enumerated through reconnaissance. This provides a good balance between realistic hacking and white-box testing.


The most realistic form of penetration testing. We test from the perspective of a real-life hacker. You give us no information, and we start our testing by finding as many hosts as possible. All hosts that we enumerate will be sent back to the client for verification of ownership before we start our testing.

Types of  Network Penetration Tests

External Penetration Test

The most traditional form of penetration testing. We will enumerate all externally addressable hosts owned by your company and attempt to break into them. Our goal with external testing is to find all the ways a real attacker would be able to compromise your external servers and devices.

Internal Penetration Test

We do our testing from the perspective of an internal user. This could be an attacker who broke in, or an employee. We will look for the most sensitive vulnerabilities, big or small, that could potentially damage the organizations cyber infrastructure.

Need a Network Penetration Test?

To protect your business against malicious attackers and to reinforce existing security controls, Keyes Security offers it's team of skilled Ethical Hackers who will test based on a tailor-made attack plan that suites your organization's current security needs.