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Apr 17
Here are some things that you can do to protect yourself when using Zoom. Before the meeting: Disable autosaving chats Disable private chats / upload of animated GIFs Disable file transfer Disable screen sharing for non-hosts Disable remote control Disable annotations Use per-meeting ID, not personal ID Disable "Join Before Host" Enable "Waiting Room“ Use unique ID for large or public Zoom calls Enable password feature (keep password or create your own) During the meeting: Assign at least two co-hosts Mute all participants Lock the meeting, if all attendees are present Share screen with host-only or not at all If you get Zoombombombed: Remove problematic users and disable their ability to rejoin Lock the meeting to prevent additional Zoombombing Here are helpful links if you want to know more: releases/fbi-warns-of-teleconferencing-and-online-classroom-hijacking-during-covid-19-pandemic
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Media releases/fbi-warns-of-teleconferencing-and-online-classroom-hijacking-during-covid-19-pandemic