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People Development

In collaboration with business and educational leaders throughout the region, including Jefferson Community College and WayNorth LLC, Keyes developed the Keyes People Development Program to aid the development of future information technology, information security, sales and marketing, project management, and human resources practitioners.

We offer intern and apprenticeship opportunities for students, veterans, and civilians in:

    • Sofware Development
    • Marketing
    • Cybersecurity

The Keyes People Development Program will provide training, knowledge, and experience for program graduates to be highly successful members of the technology workforce. For more information, please visit us at our contact page and drop us a line: Keyes Security or check out our people development framework by clicking here-- People Development PowerPoint.



The Keyes internship program was incredible. I was given the chance to explore many coding languages while trying to solve tough real-world problems. During the program, one of the major projects was to create an iOS app, an intimidating challenge. I was given the tools and support to complete the project, taking it one step at a time. It was a very rewarding experience. By the end of my internship, I had a broad understanding of APIs, common software and platforms, Python, C/C++, GPIO pins (communicating actions to a robot with code), the application development cycle, and iOS' Swift.

-Chandler Williams-

The Keyes People Development Program has been an amazing experience thus far. As an aspiring Cyber Security analyst, I have gained a fundamental understanding of basic software programming, security, and IT concepts. Separately, as a member of the Keyes marketing team, I assist in developing content for the company’s website and social media accounts. I also help to create presentations to promote brand awareness and bring insight to the great service Keyes Security has to offer.

-Je’Quan Dias-Hines-



“My internship at Keyes Security was an important step in my transition from the military. The Keyes Security Team helped me further hone my cyber security skillset, but the most valuable lessons I learned came through my exposure to working in a non-military environment with private-sector teammates and clients. The internship provided a smooth offramp to adjust my soft skills to a manner more appropriate for the private sector. I’m extremely grateful to the Keyes Security Team for the opportunity to work with them and would highly recommend this internship to any transitioning military member seeking employment in the information technology industry.”

-Mark Vallem-



The Keyes People Development is an excellent internship program. I attended the program as a transitioning service member and a cybersecurity student with no prior work experience. The Keyes Security team honed my skills and gave me the tools to gain hands-on experience as a cybersecurity analyst. I also had the opportunity to conduct security assessments on different frameworks and shadow numerous penetration testing sessions with the security engineers.

-Simon Obasu-