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Keyes Security is a committed team of experts, dedicated to upgrading your organization's cyber-security infrastructure.

Brief History of the Company

For years, Keyes Security's parent company Keyes Information Technology had been providing Cyber-Security services to the local community and organizations many states away. Cyber Security is a constantly evolving landscape, and the demand for Cyber Security testing is at an all-time high. Located in Watertown, NY, Keyes Security was created so that our team of security experts can focus solely on what they do best: Security Assessments on multiple levels as well as full-scale Penetration Testing (Internal, External, Firewall Configuration, and Wireless Testing)

Keyes Security holds itself to a very high standard when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our core values are dedication, understanding, trust and transparency, quality, and reliability. We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate with the customer and come to mutual understanding and agreements, so everyone is sure to be on the same page. By utilizing cyber security best practices, national and state security compliance standards, and agile software development methodology, we bring turn your security goals into a reality. Our job is to provide you with the resources and knowledge to better the security in your IT infrastructure. Our business, however, revolves around you, your business’ needs, and your satisfaction. Keyes Security looks forward to any future companies looking to inquire about or join our company in a more secure world.