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The current state of cyber-security jobs

The need for cyber security jobs have always been in demand but in recent years the need has only grown larger along with the training required to attain a job in this field. In the past years there has been an increase in cyber attacks targeted towards large companies. Because of this more have sought out people to hire to help prevent these increasing numbers of cyber attacks. Having a well equipped team is vital to any company to ensure a cyber attack does not occur and seemingly in the coming years it will become even more of a necessity for any company.
A recent cyber attack was the Capital One breach, the attacker gained access through a misconfigured web application firewall. This breach put thousands of capital one users at risk, showing how detrimental a security breach can be for a large company and can have lasting effects for a company's reputation. This is not the only prominent attack that has occurred recently though it does put the spotlight on how important security jobs are currently and does forecast the increase in security measures required to remain secure in future years. Because of the increase in cyber threats the demand for experienced network security professionals continues to increase faster than the damned can be met.
Cyber security is an ever growing field with diverse jobs that all tie into protecting a network. To list a few there are Network security engineer, Cybersecurity analyst, Security architect, Penetration Tester and many more all vital to ensure a secure network. Jobs in this field of work require a large understanding of how a network works as well as its limitations, to know how best to protect a network you must also have the knowledge of how to breach a network. This great time investment and training that is required to get a job in cyber security is what makes it hard for just anyone to fill this role. According to the National Security Agency, the average entry level job requires upwards of 5 years of relevant experience and a bachelor's degree, and it goes without saying most companies in these fields are not looking to hire newer people that have no in job experience.
Currently in 2021 there are an estimated 3.5 million unfilled positions in the field of cyber security. Cyber security is an ever moving field requiring constant learning and research on new advancements and technologies that are created every year, this is an ever expanding field that will always remain prevalent.
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